Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am William K Bunker, Christian Eagle Scout, and I am running for United States House of Representatives in Massachusetts' 5th District for 2010. Together we will:

-dismantle the United States and Israeli Military Industrial Complex and end the war on terror with peace and freedom

-eliminate the Federal Reserve, the Central Banks, and our corrupt tax codes and replace them with a financial system that serves life

-end Big Oil and our dependence on oil and replace it with concealed technology we have today

-encourage garage-level production technologies that can beat Big Auto and our huge global corporations

-expose all of our government's monopolistic secrets and their silence on UFOs and 1000 other issues

-end media monopolies that keep the world's news from our eyes

-encourage local farming, end factory farms, and ban toxic chemicals from our foods

-end electronic voting fraud and political fundraising that favors the rich over the truth

I need to be in office to sign bills to protect and honor mankind, and to help overturn bills like these two from Monsanto which would criminalize organic farming:

S 425
HR 875

Obama to Globalize American Farms, Ban Organic Foods

The bills would make planting natural seeds criminal. Surely humanity's seed is next.

I will defend my seeds. You will do so also if need be.

Earth needs to care for our ecology, our dna, and our species' fitness. We face serious threats to our precious and sexy genes from genetically damaging corporate and military pollution of all kinds. Our agricultural species are being abused and dangerously changed and the chemicals and foods we eat damage our health as well. Man is unnaturally penned into chasing money and competing in ways that do not sharpen our fitness. I will help maintain our society and our species' fitness.

In this same sense abortions should be outlawed. A man put that there intentionally, and she is destroying it. From conception a new and unique electromagnetic field is produced and a cell with unique DNA. No other cell in the woman has that DNA or energy frequency. It is a new life. When two people break up, how do they divide their things? Half of that baby would be the man's, but all of that baby belongs to the baby itself. Abortions may contribute to illegal immigration. 93% of women who had an abortion regret having them. I will work and write to end abortions.

Pentagon Energy Interview

Battle of Los Angeles, 1942

The war on terror is a threat from global corporations and states, bankers, the Military Industrial Complex, billionaires' clubs, and the media sources and paramiliatary groups they employ.

The reasons they do it are to control mankind's fertility and evolution and to secretly guide our interaction with alien races.

The prizes for defeating these unjust wardens are technology, friendship across the universe, a stable and free society in which we can make healthy families, and true justice.

Vote for me in 2010.

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